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Why men don’t use condom

Men aren’t good friends with the condom and they will try to avoid them. Over 80% of men have tried a certain tactic to avoid condom.

The most common tactic is the one of impeccable hygiene: “Don’t worry, I’m clean.” 73, 7% of men think that they are healthy enough to convince you to get rid of the condom. It’s better to open up the condom before having this conversation so the passion to still be existent.

Over 73, 2% of men think that if they will compliment you, you will give up the condom. It’s one of the most dangerous tactics, to let yourself be tricked by the moment of pleasure, when hormones start to get crazy.

Another old and often used tactic is “I can’t feel a thing”. Over 50% have used it. Most men inspire from porn movies, like xvideos where not many actors use condom.

We should not forget that they have some very rigorous medical checks.

Women who use condom have often orgasm because they don’t have to care anymore about unwanted children or a sex disease.